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For pick up follow these steps in the shopping cart.
1. Make sure Oregon or Washington is selected as Shipping State (click on state to change)
2. In "Standard Shipping" Box, click the drop down arrow and select "Pick up"
3. Your shipping charge should now show "Free"
4. Enter date and time (at bottom of order, below promo code) you will pick up.
5. Please enter a time between11am - 4:30pm for pick up.
6. Patiently wait for your delicious seafood to be ready!
7. You do not need to stand in line to pick up your order and no mask needed. Come to the NEW pick up only door!
Enter the recipients name, email, and mailing address in the "Enter date/time for pick up" box below.

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If you have selected an individual can, please type how many cans you would like. in the box below. If you ordered canned seafood a MINIMUM ORDER OF 3 CANS REQUIRED.