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Wondering if You Should Have Fresh Crab Shipped Across the Country? Read This!

Dungeness Crab season is in full swing! The crab coming off the boats is FRESH, FRESH, FRESH! Locals are raving about the catch this year. But, if you are not blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest, you may be hesitant to have fresh crab shipped across the country. We get it; ordering fresh crab and having it shipped across the country may be a stretch. You might be wondering:

  1. Will the crab arrive fresh?

  2. Will the crab still be juicy and taste as it does in Oregon?

  3. Is it worth it?

Hopefully, this recent TripAdvisor review will answer your lingering questions! Hearing this Boston resident's praises of our fresh Dungeness Crab is better than hearing it from us.

Trip Advisor Review

Fresh Seafood Shipped Overnight

Insulated shipping boxes

Our fresh seafood is shipped overnight and packed with gel packs in heavy styrofoam boxes. It arrives on your doorstep chilled and fresh.

Follow the advice from our Boston friend and treat yourself to some fresh seafood!


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