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No oil, no water, no preservatives. Just tuna - Oregon Canned Tuna!


Bell Buoy is one of the last remaining canneries on the Oregon Coast. When you buy canned tuna online from Bell Buoy of Seaside, you are purchasing directly from local fishermen. All canning is done in-house at Bell Buoy; truly a "Dock to Dinner Table" experience.


Our Award Winning Elegant Style Albacore tuna is not only for tuna fish sandwiches; try our tuna in this truly tasty tuna pasta dish!


Why Albacore Tuna is the Best Tuna Fish For You & the Planet


Albacore tuna is the only tuna we process and sell at Bell Buoy. Not only is Oregon canned tuna the best choice for tasty tuna fish sandwiches and lip-smacking good tuna casserole recipes, it is also fished responsibly, making it good for you and for the ocean.


Here are five facts about Bell Buoy's fresh and canned albacore tuna. If you are not already a fan of our canned tuna, these fun facts will convert you to an albacore tuna believer!


1. Albacore Tuna is Low in Mercury


The albacore we process are young fish between 10-30 pounds, which means they don't have high quantities of mercury that larger and older tuna have. Mercury tends to increase in large predatory fish as the fish ages and grows. The Oregon Albacore Commission has numerous resources detailing the benefits of albacore.


2. Full of Healthy Fats


High in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and selenium, Albacore tuna makes a great addition to a healthy diet. We use freshly caught Pacific Ocean albacore tuna for our canned tuna, and we also offer canned smoked tuna, which puts a savory spin on the classic tuna casserole.


3. Line Caught


Albacore tuna from Bell Buoy is line caught, which makes it dolphin-free. Some other canned tuna is caught using nets, which can incidentally catch other species, such as dolphins and sharks.


4. Quality You Can See


Have you ever opened a can of regular-store tuna and compared it to a can of Bell Buoy tuna? We use a center cut of tuna loin in our canned tuna. It's a difference you can literally see when you open a can and a difference you can definitely taste!


5. Locally Sourced


All albacore tuna delivered to Bell Buoy is caught off the coasts of Oregon and Washington. Much of the tuna you find on grocery store shelves comes from the South Pacific. Bell Buoy is one of the last remaining canneries on the Oregon Coast; we process and can all of our tuna in-house in Seaside, Oregon.


Knowing where your seafood comes from, down to the exact boat, means that you get the freshest product possible and support the local fishing industry. Tastes good and feels good!

Albacore Tuna - Half Case 12 Cans


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