Razor Clam Chowder Base  Half Case 12 Cans

Razor Clam Chowder Base Half Case 12 Cans


With the exception of pink shrimp, all of our canning is done in-house in small batches.


To make our Chowder Base, the process starts with grinding cleaned razor clams. They are added to potatoes, bacon, celery and onions in a giant steam kettle. After a slight cook, we add the mixture to 16oz cans along with 2 salt tabs. Lids are added to the top of each can using a Canco seamer designed in 1927 and manufactured shortly after. (90 years old and still hums along at 40 cans a minute!) The cans are then cooked in our retort machine for 90 min to finish the process.


Simply add milk to the chowder base until you achieve the thickness you like, and enjoy!

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