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Freshest Seafood on the Oregon Coast since 1946

Dock to Dinner Table

Local Before Local Was Cool

Seafood sourced within 50 miles for 78 years

Dock to Dinner Table: A Razor Clam Dig with Bell Buoy of Seaside
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An iconic fixture on the Oregon Coast for 76 years, Bell Buoy is family owned and operated. We source our seafood directly from local fishermen, ensuring that you have the freshest seafood for your dinner table. 80% of our products come from within 50 miles. 



Bell Buoy seafood is sustainably managed by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Pacific Fishery Management Council, and our canned tuna is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. By sourcing products from local fishermen, we support sustainable fisheries as well as sustainable fishing communities.

Supporting sustainable practices means none of Oregon's fisheries are overfished or experiencing overfishing. 



All of our fish and crab are wild-caught, never farmed. Dungeness crab, Chinook salmon, halibut, tuna, and rockfish are fished by local boats and delivered seasonally.  Providing our customers wild caught seafood from local boats is why we have been in business over 76 years.


Great local place away from the busy city center

The seafood at the Buoy Restaurant exceeded our expectations. Fish (halibut) and chips were perfectly crispy and flavorful. The crab melt was loaded with big chunks of fresh crab and so delicious. Even the slaw was above average. What a lucky find after a full day of hiking!

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