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Bell Buoy of Seaside

Freshest Seafood on the Oregon Coast since 1946

Local Before Local Was Cool

Dock to Dinner Table: A Razor Clam Dig with Bell Buoy of Seaside
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Seafood sourced within 50 miles for 76 years

Tuna Seafood

From Dock to Dinner Table

Bell Buoy was started in 1946 by the local Sigurdson family as a way to sell their crab catches. Up until 1992, Bell Buoy was a wholesale company that sold a small amount of fresh seafood via retail. In 2002, the Hartill brothers, Jon and Terry, purchased the business and turned it into a local retail destination with a restaurant and booming seafood market. 

Bell Buoy is a family run business, passed down from father to son and owned by Trent Hartill. 

Oregon Coast Seafood
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Fresh Fish

From dock to dinner table, you know where your dinner came from!

Take a quick trip to the Oregon Coast. We're just over hour from Portland, and miles away from the hustle and bustle. Come discover the taste of fresh razor clams, succulent crab and fresh tuna. Our seafood market is a must-visit destination on the Oregon Coast.


Our seafood restaurant always has a pot of clam chowder simmering and tasty tuna melts, ready to serve. Picnic tables by the river are a perfect place to take a basket of our fish and chips and watch the ducks float by. Whatever you choose to sample, a taste of the sea is always waiting for you at Bell Buoy! 

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