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Award Winning Crab Meat Recipe

Bell Buoy has been gracing the banks of the Necanicum river since 1946. Making its name in the early days as a purveyor of the best crab meat on the North Coast, it still retains that distinction and remains an iconic stop on highway 101. Our humble little market has been bringing a taste of the sea to locals and visitors for 76 years. Having been in business for 76 years, there is obviously a treasure trove of history and stories to be discovered.

Crab Meat Recipe from 1956

We love hearing about the "good 'ole days" from our fishermen friends and customers. One such piece of history recently surfaced, a booklet of prize winning recipes from 1956!

seafood recipes

As I thumbed my way through the recipes in this book of "Fish Favorites," I started to get hungry! I decided to put to the test the 1st Prize Salad Recipe by Mrs. A. E. Young.

It's hard for me not to just eat fresh crab meat straight from the container, but if you want to savor the richness of crab meat in sandwich form, this simple crab meat recipe is hard to beat.

Crab Meat Sandwich Recipe

Straight from the 1956 recipe book! English muffins or a whole grain bread would also work. Bonus 2nd Prize Macaroni-Shrimp Salad Recipe also included.

crab meat recipe

Timeless Seafood Recipes

Simple food made with quality ingredients is timeless, that's what I was reminded of when I finished devouring these sandwiches. Add this to your "recipes with canned crab meat" too, because canned crab meat is also an excellent option.

crab meat sandwich

I'm thinking we may have to create an updated version of this Seafood Recipe booklet and run our own recipe contest, because I would love for someone to unearth a 2022 recipe book in 60 years and say,

"Simple food made with quality ingredients is timeless."


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