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How to Cook Razor Clams Like a True "Coastie"

razor clams

Get out your shovels...razor clam season is here!

It's been a year since we could throw a proper razor clam-digging party, due to the season being closed on Clatsop Beach. Bell Buoy diggers are going to be busy because we are the only licensed wholesale dealer of razor clams in the State of Oregon, and we plan to put up enough razor clams to fill your dinner plates, plus make our famous clam chowder base and in-house canned clams.

How to Cook Razor Clams

Cooking razor clams can be intimidating at first, but the ol’ seafood saying (that maybe I just made up) applies to razor clams; season lightly and don’t overcook."

A sign of a true Coastie is when asked how they like to cook razor clams, their response is adamant that THEIR way of cooking razors is the best.

The truth is, preparing razors is more of an art than a recipe.

For a classic fried razor clam, break the process into three steps:

  • Dredge

  • Bread

  • Season

1. Dredge your razors (one at a time) in egg wash, melted butter, beer batter, etc.

2. Then choose a breading (Panko, Pride of the West, cracker crumbs, crushed cornflakes, or breadcrumbs are all good options).

3. Season as desired.

At this point, many people will make the mistake of frying the freshly breaded clam.

Pro Tip – put the freshly breaded razor clams on a plate and refrigerate for 30 minutes or so. This lets the breading set-up and adhere to the clam and you’ll lose less breading when cooking.

Fry over medium-high heat for just a couple of minutes on each side (don’t overcook!). Serve immediately and enjoy!

Come Dig Clams With Us

Check out the video of Trent in clam-digging action!

We hope to see you with your shovel on the beaches soon. If you're not into digging your own clams, stop by our restaurant and try our clam basket or freshly made clam chowder for a true North Coast seafood experience.


Dressed Razor Clams

fresh razor clams

We call these razors "dressed clams," they're all dressed up and ready for your dinner plate!

Purchase dressed clams and try your hand at cooking up a taste of the sea!

Wondering what to make with your dressed clams? Try Trent's Clam Dip; perfect for every day, game day, and any holiday.


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