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Five Reasons Dungeness Crab is Better Than King Crab

All crab lovers know the age-old debate of which is better, Dungeness crab or King crab; well, Bell Buoy of Seaside decided it was time to end the debate and declare Dungeness crab the winner! While both are delicious, we believe Dungeness crab deserves the esteemed distinction of "best" crab. Let us tell you why.

Dungeness crab

1. Dungeness Crab Tastes Better Than King Crab

Dungeness crab has a sweet, succulent taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Dungeness crab legs are a true delicacy with a firmer texture than the body meat. In comparison, King crab has a milder flavor, almost to the point of being generic. In other words, you don't get the "OMG" factor when tasting King crab, whereas, with Dungeness crab, sighs of delight can be heard from anyone lucky enough to eat it fresh 'outta the shell!

2. Dungeness Crab is More Versatile Than King Crab

You can buy a whole Dungeness crab, take it home, and crack it yourself. You can't purchase whole king crab; only king crab legs are sold in stores. Dungeness crab is also a chef's dream, as it elevates any salad, dip, or sandwich.

canned crab

At Bell Buoy, canned Dungeness Crab is one of our specialties, which highlights the versatility of Dungeness crab (we've never seen canned King crab!) Canned crab can be used like fresh crab for salads, casseroles, dips, or eaten straight from the can!

3. Buying Dungeness Crab Supports Local Communities

Dungeness crab is mainly harvested in the Pacific Northwest by locally based boats from California to Washington. Local fishermen and women work hard to deliver the freshest crab to their communities.

When you buy fresh Dungeness crab, you are not only getting a superior-tasting product, but you are also supporting your community's local food movement. (Check out the North Coast Food Trail for foodie finds, markets, and all things yummy in the local category!)

King crab is mainly an industrial operation caught by large vessels in Alaska and foreign waters. In the past, a large portion of King crab sold in the U.S. was actually caught in foreign waters. In most cases, King Crab doesn't support local economies.

4. Year-Round Availability

Dungeness crab season usually runs from December to August, making fresh crab available almost year-round. King crab only has a ten-day season, meaning outside of those ten days, king crab sold in stores has most likely been frozen. The 2021 Alaska Red King crab season was closed due to low abundance, meaning any Red King crab sold in the U.S. was caught in foreign waters and likely frozen for a very long time.

Fresh whole crab

5. Environmentally Sustainable Option

In Oregon, Dungeness crab harvest methods are strictly regulated and managed with the sustainability of the species in mind. According to the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, "...gear regulations are designed with conservation in mind." Crab pots have female escape rings so that females and undersized males can exit. Overfishing is virtually impossible with the regulations in place, ensuring future generations can enjoy the "best" crab for many years to come.

Locally sourced Dungeness crab also has a much lower carbon footprint than King crab. The Dungeness crab at Bell Buoy is caught less than 50 miles away in the Pacific Ocean. Any King crab in your grocery store has likely traveled thousands of miles.

The best way to convince you that Dungeness crab is the "best" crab is to have you try some! So come down to Bell Buoy or order online and choose from crab meat, crab legs, whole crab, or canned crab. We are pretty sure you will be sighing with delight after your first bite.

Crab meat


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