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What New Seafood Options Would You Like Bell Buoy to Offer in 2023?

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We are keeping it fresh in 2023...fresh crab, fresh salmon...all the freshest seafood you know and love that Bell Buoy has been bringing to our customers since 1946. In keeping with the fresh theme, we've got some fresh, new ideas for seafood offerings that we wanted to run by you, to see if there is any interest. If you could take a few seconds to answer these brief questions, it will help us understand what you're looking for in new seafood options in the coming year.

Many Thanks,

The Bell Buoy Crew

Would you be interested in a "Seafood Subscription"?

  • Yes

  • No

If you answered yes, to the subscription option. What quantity interests you?

  • 1-5 lbs/week

  • 1-5 lbs/month

  • 6-10 lbs/month

  • I would want to change the quantity every week or month

If you answered yes to a subscription option, what type of seafood would you like to receive in your subscription box?

  • Fresh fish (seasonal salmon, razor clams, halibut, etc...)

  • Frozen meal-sized portions of salmon, halibut, tuna, etc...

  • Canned variety (salmon, sturgeon, tuna, etc..)

  • Combination of fresh, frozen, canned

You can vote for more than one answer.

If Bell Buoy added a new product (available online and in-store), which one would you be most interested in purchasing at least 2+ times per year?

  • Bell Buoy's Homemade Clam Chowder

  • Meal-prepped seafood (marinated salmon, breaded clams, etc.)

  • I am not interested in any of these products

Would you be interested in frozen meal-sized portions of salmon, halibut, rockfish, crab, or razor clams? Vacuum sealed so you can stock up your freezer.

  • Yes, I would be interested in frozen meal-sized portions.

  • No, I would not be interested in frozen meal-sized portions.

If you have other product ideas, please leave a comment below. We appreciate your feedback!


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