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Top Five Ways to Use Tinned Fish for a Gourmet Experience

tinned fish

Move over white bread, tinned tuna fish is no longer just for tuna fish sandwiches; tinned fish is making headlines as a gourmet meal experience. Recently, tinned fish has been crowned a "trendy food" when in reality, it has graced tables for hundreds of years, and with good reason. The versatility and impressive flavor allow anyone to elevate their meals with tinned fish. We have been canning tinned fish since 1946 in the small Northwest town of Seaside, Oregon. So, even though tinned fish has recently become the darling of social media, our customers have sung its praises for over 75 years!

Types of Tinned Fish

While many associate tinned fish with tuna, there are a wide variety of tinned seafood varieties to explore. At Bell Buoy of Seaside, we can fresh seafood in-house, straight from local fishing vessels to create an array of tantalizing tinned fish varieties. Our tinned fish include:

Top Five Ways to Use Tinned Fish

While you can peruse the internet for fancy tinned fish recipes, we want to give you five ideas for using tinned fish that will not require exotic ingredients or hours slaving away in the kitchen but will still give you an authentic, self-made gourmet experience.

  1. Charcuterie Board: Including tinned fish on a charcuterie board with an assortment of crackers, dips, stuffed olives, and cheeses will make you feel like you are in a gourmet restaurant.

  2. Dinner to Impress (even the pickiest of eaters): Use tinned smoked fish to elevate a casserole; this recipe comes straight from our archives and we fondly refer to it as, "Not Your Mama's Tuna Casserole."

  3. Hors D'Oeuvres: Slice a cucumber and top each slice with a dollop of cream cheese, then add a few flakes of smoked sturgeon or smoked salmon, and add a few sprigs of fresh dill. Instead of cucumbers, crackers or crostini are also delicious options.

  4. Sophisticated Salad: Dress-up plain dinner salads by adding tinned tuna or smoked spring chinook salmon. No recipe is required!

  5. Picnic Party Bites: Packing forks and tinned fish is a great picnic basket meal. Easily portable for hiking, the beach, or dinner dates under the stars. If you're looking to get a little fancier, you could whip up some tinned crabmeat sliders.

So whether you call it tinned fish or canned seafood, using it is an easy way to channel your inner gourmet chef!


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